?what is saffron box

The saffron box has a great effect on creating trust in the brand among customers and increasing the sale of saffron. Saffron that is offered in bulk or in low-quality containers can never attract the customer’s attention and assure him that he is buying a good product. The quality and beautiful saffron packaging box adds value to the product.

The quality and beautiful saffron packaging box adds value to the product. That is, it assures the customer that he will receive a better product compared to other available saffron. In addition, the box itself can be attractive to the customer; Like the saffron velvet dish or the saffron velvet box, which has many fans.

The most important thing is the quality of the saffron box to preserve the product. Saffron travels a long way from harvesting to processing and finally reaching your kitchen. If it does not have proper packaging, it will lose its quality along this path.

The last point is that the saffron box gives the opportunity to the producer or exporter to provide the customer with important information such as harvest time, coloring level, humidity, aroma and taste of saffron and other important points in buying saffron. A product that has detailed information about its harvesting and processing stages will definitely sell more. So , the most important effects of proper packaging of saffron are : Attracting customer’s opinion and trust in the product Maintaining the quality of saffron by staying away from light and temperature .
The opportunity to provide important information about the product Creating added value for saffron.


the benefits of Saffron packages

In order to store saffron properly and for a long time, you should use good quality packaging. The type of saffron packaging is effective in maintaining its quality against humidity, light and temperature. While the high-quality saffron packaging box creates added value; That is, it gives the customer the assurance that he is buying a better product compared to other saffron available in the market.