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A business card is a small, printed paper card, usually the size of a credit card, that contains your business information, such as your name, contact information, and brand logo

. Designing and printing promotional business cards is an essential part of your branding and should serve as your brand’s visual identity. When designed and printed correctly, these pocket billboards can make a lasting impression and turn passing strangers into lifelong customers. Some people may argue that with the increasing speed of cyberspace and technology, the business card has lost its importance and has seemingly been replaced by online connections. But still,these electronic interactions may be ephemeral while business cards are still very stylish rather than ephemeral, they just got thicker, bolder and shinier.
A business card is all business. If you want to give someone a way to contact your business, whether it is your own company or your employer, a business card is ideal. It can include your name, email and direct phone line, but its function is to encourage and facilitate someone to contact the company. Usually, the individual who handed them the card is not the only person who could help them at the business.
The size of this card is 8/7 * 4/8 This card is printed on real 300 gram glossy paper and a cover layer is placed on it. which can be matte or shiny. If the glossy cards measure 6×9 and have rounded corners, it is called a laminate design.
The size of this card is  8/7*4/8 This card is one of the most popular cards. The reason for the great interest in this texture card is that it is affordable. If you are looking for a stylish and affordable card, you can use this type of card.
This type of card has two sizes   8/7*4/8   and   sizes   5/7*8/7/   and   it is round and has a very high thickness compared to normal cards, which is the reason for the beauty of this type of card. Glossy laminate cards have a glossy finish and can reflect light. These cards are printed on both sides and are similar to credit cards.
Plastic business cards are durable, tear-resistant, and waterproof. The same size as a credit card, they are an indestructible and modern option for you
Spot UV printing is a special printing technique where a UV-cured coating is applied to part of a print material making it shine. We can apply spot a UV coating to business cards to emphasize logos, calls to action, or any other detail you need to “pop.” UV business card printing makes it easy to create your most memorable business card yet.
Silver metallic foil business cards are printed with brilliant and stunning detail by our talented printers and artisans. You can make the impression you want when introducing yourself and your business to customers and potential customers. Our metallic silver business card is of the highest quality and has a shiny and classy feel. You can order your silver business card online by entering a few details.
Gold foil business card is one of the most fashionable and popular types on which a gold design is printed. This type of card is one of the 3 most popular business cards and has its own customers. A business card alone and at first glance represents your brand identity. So, if you decide to show the attractiveness and validity of your job with just one card, Talakoob business card is recommended to you. This type of bright and luxurious card will attract the eyes of your target audience.

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