Business card design: design of vertical and horizontal one-sided and two-sided business cards with attractive and conceptual design.
Designing catalogs and brochures: Designing all kinds of catalogs and brochures for companies, institutions, festivals, products, etc.
Stand and banner design: If you are thinking of using physical stands and banners, you can leave your work to us to order all kinds of these items.
Logo design: Our logo designer team tries to design a logo that represents your company’s identity by providing conceptual concepts of the logo as well as attractive ideas. Of course, logo services are not limited to this, and you can order all kinds of image logos, logotypes, and combinations.
Office set design: Office set is a collection of several designs such as logo, business card, office letterhead, envelope and office form. When all the said items are the same, it is called administrative set.
Book cover design and page layout: Another one of our services, whose quality is also guaranteed, is book cover design and page layout. Of course, this service is not limited to book cover design, and you can trust our experienced team to design and make changes to magazines, newsletters, reports, etc.
Website and application graphic design: Our other service is mobile banner design. This banner is designed in different sizes and modes such as vertical and horizontal with a very reasonable price for different sites and blogs.
Graphic services and content production: One of the main things in which our team has a lot of experience is graphic matters. Therefore, we provide all services in this field. Website template design, statue, stand, mobile banner, website and blog header, logo, business card, office set, envelope, office letterhead, catalog, brochure, book cover, layout, tract, poster, etc. are among our most important services in These are the fields.
Presentation of the PSD file (open layer) along with the final file: after you have chosen the services you want and your order is ready, you can download the files you want. These files exist in different numbers and different editions and they are all layered. These files can be changed with Photoshop software and you can change them easily.

Famographic group team

Famographic is a young group consisting of expert and experienced designers, experienced print operators, and intelligent administrative staff who try to satisfy our valued customers. Famographic features include speed in order delivery, quality and reasonable cost, which at the same time brings easy conditions for the customer.
عکس01 لینکدین
. farideh Moshiri

CEO / Senior designer

. Ali GanjeAli

Finance Manager

Raziyeh Moshiri


. Sahra Fadayi

Graphic designer


Coordinator of clients


Phone : + 989150491165 
Email: famographic2020
Adress: 3 Walt Whitman Road Brooklyn, NY 11219

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