?what is Catalogue

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A catalogue is a list of things. Those glossy booklets from your favorite clothing shops that fill your mailbox are catalogues, and so is that online list you consult to find a book at the library.


It is called a list of services or products that are arranged in an orderly and systematic manner. The purpose of this work is to make it easy for the customer to find the product or service they need. The catalog is available in all places like stores, shops, educational places, libraries, etc. and all the details can be seen in it. For example, if there is a catalogue in a store, you can see all the details of the product, and if you see the catalogues in a library, you can see all the details about the book, such as: book name, author, subject and genre of the book. .. see that.

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It is called a booklet that has descriptive and advertising materials on it. These booklets are considered as a well-known advertising document that are used to introduce the services or products of an organization. These brochures also inform customers about new and regular benefits and services and are printed on good quality paper. The purpose of brochure design is to describe your organization or company, which portrays the outstanding features of your organization and provides the audience with all the general information about what you are looking for.


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